Welcome to EasyRBit

Welcome to EasyRBit

EasyRCentralizing Service Excellence
A platform where service providers and clients seamlessly connect, where efficiency meets quality, and businesses flourish. EasyR centralizes the service industry, offering a unified space for registered cleaning companies to find customers and manage tasks effortlessly. By offering eco friendly and biodegradable cleaning products and cleaning education for all service providers, we ensure the service meets the high standards of EasyR. Investing in EasyR is supporting the growth of the entire cleaning industry.

EasyRBit – Democratizing Ownership

At the heart of EasyRBit’s mission lies the principle of democratization. EasyRBit is flipping the script by allowing anyone to become a stakeholder in the thriving cleaning service market. But here’s where it gets even more exciting: EasyRBit isn’t just about individual empowerment—it’s about collective progress. Through our platform, users can invest in the future of cleaning services by acquiring EasyRBit tokens (ERB). These tokens not only represent ownership in EasyRBit but also serve as a gateway to participation in the dynamic ecosystem of EasyR.

Coming to Ethereum Mainnet

A share for you

A share for you

EasyR centralizes, making operations smooth, and EasyRBit decentralizes ownership, ensuring that the rewards are distributed widely. Everyone who joins the EasyRBit journey and buys into this groundbreaking concept gets a share of the industry. It’s not just profit; it’s participation.

Join the Revolution – Own a Stake
Be a part of the EasyR and EasyRBit movement – where centralization meets democratization, and ownership becomes a shared success story. Act now, and secure your place in the future of service industries!

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Our Roadmap

 Dive into a transformative journey as we unveil our roadmap for Q1 and Q2 of 2024. This carefully outlined plan signifies more than a sequence of tasks; it’s a steadfast commitment to continuous development and innovation.

Crafted a compelling online persona to resonate with our audience, fostering a digital presence that sparks connection and engagement.

Nurtured a cohesive community, united by a shared vision, forming the cornerstone of our ecosystem and driving collective passion.

Instituted the Certified Mop Program, a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality across our offerings.

Executed a successful ICO, strategically securing the necessary resources to propel our vision and fuel ambitious projects.

Unveiled EasyR Bit, a revolutionary development pushing the boundaries of innovation within our industry.

Assembled a seasoned and diverse Board of Directors, bringing forth a wealth of experience to guide strategic decision-making and foster sustained growth.

Elevated user experience through a meticulous app revamp, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies and user-centric enhancements.

Revitalized our online presence with a comprehensive website overhaul, ensuring accessibility and engagement for our discerning audience.

Culminated our journey with the grand launch of EasyR, heralding a new era in simplifying and redefining the landscape of the cleaning industry.

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Ready to elevate your status to a Clean Certified Mop? We invite you to apply for our exclusive program designed for distinguished investors.

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Access to premium benefits and opportunities.

Join a select group of respected investors.

Receive a unique gleaming NFT as a symbol of distinction.

How to Apply:
Complete the application form below.

Showcase your investment history and community involvement.

Tell us what sets you apart and why you’d be an excellent addition to our Clean Certified Mop community.

Apply now for a chance to be part of an exclusive circle of investors dedicated to the success of our project.

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